Fromage Fridays

Cheese Buying 101

July 3, 2013

Summer is undeniably in full bloom – and since cheese is quintessential picnic fare, I thought we should talk cheese buying and the cheese shop experience. For those of you who are longing to explore but have felt intimidated by the sea of wheels or think there might be some secret protocol to buying cheese […]

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Rollingstone Cranberry Torta + A New Crisp

December 1, 2011

Fromage Friday brings me to one of my seasonal favorites. Located in Parma Idaho, Rollingstone Chèvre is strictly a farmstead operation and boasts the largest herd of purebred Saanen goats in the world. Impressive. Especially because Saanen goats are known for their extra rich and creamy milk. Each year I look forward to their Cranberry […]

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Goat Cheese w/Tropical Fruit + Honey

July 29, 2011

Satisfy your summer taste buds by adding a tropical twist to creamy goat cheese. Simply pack up these delectable picnic goodies and locate the perfect scenery to set the mood. Heading to an outdoor concert or movie, creating a seaside spread or enjoying an afternoon on your boat?  Packing up individual portions allows each person […]

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Selles sur Cher

July 15, 2011

This week I’m celebrating Fromage Friday with Selles sur Cher [SELL-sur-SHARE]. This quintessential Loire Valley goat’s milk gem was one of the first cheeses given AOC status, and it’s an easy summer fave. Its light dusting of ash on the outside is a traditional addition, while the interior is milky, creamy and perfectly oozy with […]

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May 26, 2011

This Fromage Friday brings us Adelle; my favorite [and the most popular] of the cheeses from Ancient Heritage Dairy. Located in Scio Oregon, Ancient Heritage is a sheep and cow dairy nestled between the foothills of the Oregon Cascade Mountains and the fertile Willamette Valley. This operation is a family affair as they all participate […]

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Barely Buzzed

April 28, 2011

I was a cheese purest for forever. I wanted traditional cheeses with loads of character and complexity not loads of embellishments. Then I met Barely Buzzed. A cheese with “stuff on it”. I now see the error of my ways… or at least my closed mindedness. I wasn’t ready for this combination to be so […]

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April 21, 2011

  This week’s Fromage Friday pick , Toledo, has made the trek from Torres Verdas, Portugal. This sunset hued original is made from a combination of sheep and goat milk and comes as a small half-pound wheel.  Heated slightly by a generous coating of Pimentón [smoked paprika] the pristine  interior offers up an assertive zesty […]

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Cabécou Feuille

April 7, 2011

  Fromage Friday is my new favorite day of the week. I miss cheese. Not that cheese has gone anywhere, but it’s been exactly one year since I sold my shop, [] and there’s quite a difference between enjoying an occasional wedge and being surrounded by hundreds of wheels everyday. Both a whole lot and […]

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April 1, 2011

Happy Fromage Friday! This week’s trip to the cheese shop landed me a perfectly creamy and gooey round of Roucoulons (roo-coo-LAWN) which is a cow’s milk cheese whose texture and flavor profile falls somewhere between Camembert and Pont l’Eveque. Hailing from the Franche-Comte region of France, it’s name is derived from the French word “roucouler” […]

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Humboldt Fog

March 25, 2011

[pictured: Humboldt Fog, Anjou Crostini, pear slices & caramelized walnuts] Welcome to Fromage Friday; in support of  the weekend wedge! A poignant moment in my life of cheese was the first time I laid eyes on the great American beauty known as Humboldt Fog. The moment is etched in my mind forever. I was dining  […]

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