Nov 2012

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Oh how I dream of a sexy Thanksgiving table, a massively disheveled kitchen, and the meticulous planning that ensues while poring over stacks of cooking mags. And finally, greeting guests at our door with the cocktail du jour…

It’s not happening for me this year.

Time has seemingly stood still as my central focus has been watching the clock. It has been quite the process selling our house and now living in a tiny temporary apartment while awaiting our move home to San Diego. December 15th is the day I’ve been living for: the day we board our flight – the last of so many between Southern California and the Northwest – this time bringing us to our brand-spanking-new house and our much loved friends and family.

To the benefit of all involved, I have not been present during the construction of our rowhome. Even I breathe a sigh of relief at having escaped my [inevitable] micromanagement as each square of marble and plank of rustic oak meets its permanent home.

Happy Thanksgiving – I will return shortly, signing in from my much anticipated new home…




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