Dec 2011

Rollingstone Cranberry Torta + A New Crisp

Fromage Friday brings me to one of my seasonal favorites. Located in Parma Idaho, Rollingstone Chèvre is strictly a farmstead operation and boasts the largest herd of purebred Saanen goats in the world. Impressive. Especially because Saanen goats are known for their extra rich and creamy milk. Each year I look forward to their Cranberry + Walnut Torta which consists of a large log of creamy white chèvre layered with colorful dried berries, earthy walnuts and a bright and fruity touch of orange zest to accent the finish. It’s pure heaven and will widen eyes as an addition to your holiday table or party spread.

This year, they’ve also made a special one pound pyramid of the same torta available direct from the farm. I’ll be gifting one to each of the cheese enthusiasts on my Christmas list…


If you are wondering about the toasty stack of crisps pictured above, well… there’s a new cracker in town! And I’m really excited about it. Finally, an artisan crisp that’s gluten free. Because why should you compromise your world-class cheese [or party-hosting reputation for that matter] by spreading it on something unequaled in quality,  flavor or  texture?

There’s a lot to love about these crisps. Flavor comes first for me as I’m not gluten sensitive, but I appreciate that they’re made with an oat flour base rather than a freakishly long list of obscure flours. And when you think it can’t get any better… seeds instead of nuts! That’s right – your kids and friends with nut allergies can enjoy them too.

Made in British Columbia, all four flavors of these tasty crisps have now crossed the border and can be found on the shelves of Whole Foods in Washington and Oregon. I suggest asking your local cheesemonger or Whole foods about getting them, or contact Martin’s Marvelous for shipping direct to you.

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